“Shafferstown, PA Kitchen” 1999


Some good memories of plein air painting moments:

IMG_8473.JPG - Version 2I was so happy! ┬áMoran Point, South Rim, Grand Canyon. 1.16.2011 12:53 PMsusan-gilbert-artOn the Monhegan’s east side at the north tip of Gull Rock. 10.30.2011 2:38 PM

IMG_0818I had to sit on the ground to get out the wind.

Mather Point, Grand Canyon South Rim. 4.12.2012 5:56 PM



IMG_0116The flumes near Whiteface, Adirondack Park, NY. 9.24.2013 3:17 PM

IMG_5377The dear old road north, Monhegan. 2.20.2014 2:54 PM

IMG_1677Winter annual wreck painting day. 2.10.2014 1:08 PM

This was my ad for the Maine Gallery Guide, 2013

My favorite wreck painting from 2012.

“Wreck in Snow With Sundog”

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