Susan Gilbert

Susan GilbertA graduate of the Boston Museum School, I received a first year of classical art training followed by three years of intensive drawing and ceramics–on porcelain, paper, and canvas.

I have loved the natural beauty and mystery of Monhegan from my first visit, a camping trip in September of 1968. I was back the next May, for an art student’s vacation at the Trailing Yew Inn. Returning again, I began to work for Josephine Day, and became a year round island resident. Living with the tides I find an atmosphere saturated with history: art, fishing, and hard work. I have noted daily patterns of weather, fog, boating, roses, cliffs, water, and sky in charcoal, watercolor, and oil.

Monhegan’s gift to me is a constant inspiration to renewal, to make art.

All painting and framing materials are chosen carefully: paper, mat, and backing for archival quality, colors for permanence.